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Hormone Replacement

Dave is a 60-year-old man who enjoys golfing for fun. He was having back and elbow pain as well as low energy. We did a full hormone panel and found Dave had low testosterone. After a series of laser treatments, Dave’s back and elbow pain are significantly better and his energy levels have improved immensely.

“I feel 10 years younger… and more importantly can play golf more regularly without pain!” - Dave

Our hormone replacement therapy is in direct collaboration with The Frank Institute of Health and Wellness.

As we age, our hormones decrease. As our hormones decrease we can experience symptoms such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, decreased stamina, low libido, and poor sleep. Dr Frank has significant experience in understanding how these hormonal changes affect the body, and the best way to treat them. By using customized, compounded medications from a highly respected pharmacy, Dr Frank can make you look and feel younger! Wouldn’t it be great to have more energy, more drive, and feel better?

Dr Frank uses an in depth lab panel and DNA testing to determine which hormones in your body are not at optimum levels, and then prescribes a comprehensive treatment system to get you back on track.